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What we do

pdv Financial Software GmbH produces and markets software packages for the securities trading and treasury business. Furthermore, we provide consulting services to assist our clients with the integration and operation of their respective trading systems

pdv Financial Software GmbH is a company belonging to the Hamburg-based Cora Management GmbH, a consulting and IT services company founded in 2012. Cora Management GmbH brings together the products of various specialised consulting and software companies to form an integrated "full service" offer ranging from strategy consulting to 24x7 systems support. pdv Financial Software GmbH employs more that 40 investment banking specialists and software developers.

The company was founded in 1991 by a team of computer specialists, securities traders and financial markets experts. From the start, the latest research results from Hamburg University and other institutions regarding the modelling of complex financial instruments and decision-making processes were integrated into the product development work. The resulting models are still at the core of our product and corporate development. Since day one, pdv Financial Software GmbH has been financed through revenues from its growing client base, supported by private equity.

pdv Financial Software GmbH's business is centred around the DECIDE™ product family , a powerful and innovative platform for the trading, position keeping and risk management of various kinds of securities, derivatives and treasury products. The functional areas of DECIDE™ are targeted at both classical financial instruments - such as stocks and bonds - and at the more complex requirements of the modern derivates trading. Based on highly advanced mathematical models, the integrated decision support module offers a unique set of functions, especially in the area of derivatives trading. These advances clearly separates DECIDE™ from comparable products.

In close cooperation with its customers, pdv Financial Software GmbH has over the years extended the capabilities of DECIDE™ significantly. Today, the product family offers a state-of-the-art position management system that addresses all the requirements and standards of international securities trading. At the same time, it is excellently positioned to stand the test of time in the constantly changing environment of investment banking.

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