DECIDE Clearing & Settlement / Accounting

Always one step ahead

DECIDE has a high-quality module for clearing/settlement and accounting for structured products and enables you to efficiently integrate these products into your settlement and accounting process chain.

With DECIDE's far-reaching back office functionality, you can optimally cover your processing and accounting requirements. These include, settlement and client confirmations, market conformity checks, a securities subledger for financial services, stock votes, interface for regulatory reporting, Post Trade Transparency and notifications in accordance with WpHG9.

Optimize cost efficiency, meet market requirements and regulatory guidelines at any times

  • Run the Bank
    Run-the-Bank cost-effectiveness through replacing manual processes, automation, optimization of processes and an economical technological platform.
  • Change the Bank
    Change-the-Bank cost-effectiveness by simultaneously implementing business requirements and technical improvements at the same time within short time to market.
  • Market environment & guidelines
    Adaptability of the functional and technical architecture for ongoing changes in market environments and the institution's service offerings, e.g., to TARGET2 securities, MIFID II, Basel III and risk management requirements. Online processing with CSDs, CCPs, counterparties as well as automated regulation of matchings, carryovers, corporate action events comply with the Target2 Securities Directive.

DECIDE: Clearing & Settlement for Structured Products

DECIDE maps the entire value chain for clearing/settlement and accounting. Settlement and customer confirmations are stored in the corresponding master data set. There are various interfaces to custodial institutions as well as online confirmation/matching processes via separate interfaces, e.g., to Omgeo.

Data transfer to reporting software is happening via standard interfaces and supports data categories such as order book / portfolio positions including evaluation and sensitivities, trading transactions, securities basic master data, etc.

The generation of reporting records via rules and regulations is based on the trading transactions as well as the mapping of all relevant business transactions and complies with Section 9 of the German Securities Trading Law (WpHG9). In addition, Commission reports and the submission of reports via BaFin MVP or TRICE is supported.

Confirmation files are processed automatically and the post-processing and recording/gathering function is provided by a separate module. The relevant data and reports are historicized in accordance with legal requirements.

Settlement and Accounting

Transaction processing with maximum throughput

With DECIDE, you automatically and comprehensively meet your requirements for settlement and trading books and rule monitoring. When introducing new, local, or foreign currency products, you'll just need to patch in DECIDE's corresponding middle and back office functionality. The C/S & Accounting module provides you with a complete subledger that integrates easily and directly into your general ledger.

The following areas and functionalities are available:

  • A comprehensive multi-currency accounting for financial assets ranging from equities to derivatives and structured products.
  • Flexible, rule-based processes to cover any type of accounting structure or account organization.
  • Real-time calculations of account balances, realized and unrealized profits and losses.
  • Real-time processing and reporting to accounts (including Mittel, LIFO, FIFO) with flexible-definable reporting.

The DECIDE accounting engine allows you to book all transactions in real time, such as Best Execution of electronic trading systems, tickets from telephone/OTC deals, and account maintenance for transactions. You can calculate your portfolio and unrealized profits & losses in real time, furthermore a separate calculation corresponding to the trading, accounting, and presentation currency is possible. Parallel processing in the DECIDE architecture enables high performance and throughput in the processing of transactions.

DECIDE as well supports functions for account maintenance, period-end closing, portfolio reconciliation of positions and the corresponding reporting.

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