pdv Financial Software is now Foconis Trading GmbH

Four proven industry experts are now joining forces and pooling their expertise as Foconis GmbH.

The new enterprise will be the parent company for the four financial services specialists, offering solutions and support in the fields of payment, trading, compliance management, business intelligence and analytics. Their clients throughout Germany and beyond will benefit from this central point of contact for scalable solutions in key financial processes. Enterprise software specialist Main Capital Partners will draw on its wealth of experience to provide advisory services to the new company.

As 2023 closed, four well-known representatives of the financial sector came together to pool their expertise in a new parent company, Foconis GmbH. Sister companies pdv, van den Berg, join Foconis and GenoData, that had already teamed up as separate holding companies at the start of 2023, to combine their individual specialist fields and exploit the synergies between them. That journey now continues with the new parent company, which showcases the partners’ complementary offering and direction. In addition, the partnership will establish a joint brand identity in the market; as part of this decision, the companies will gradually rebrand to align their individual brand images accordingly.

Introducing the partners:

FOCONIS AG, Vilshofen a. d. Donau

Producer and supplier of FOCONIS-ZAK® data quality, control and compliance software, supporting the financial sector in automated digital fulfilment of regulatory requirements. foconis.de

GenoData EDV-Systeme GmbH has been part of FOCONIS since 2023. The company’s GDix software provides solutions in data and process management and business intelligence for the financial sector. www.genodata.de

These companies will now operate together under the new name of Foconis Analytics GmbH – GenoData from the start of 2024, and Foconis AG from May 2024.

pdv Financial Software GmbH, Hamburg

Supplier of platform-based software solution DECIDE, providing end-to-end support along the securities transaction process chain for the financial markets. www.pdv-fs.de

From the start of 2024, pdv will operate under the new name of Foconis Trading GmbH.

van den Berg FS GmbH, Herzogenrath

Specialist in payment transaction implementation and provider of the vdb/PPM software platform for processes including instant payments, payments-as-a-service, CESOP and its own SWIFT Service Bureau. vdb.de

van den Berg FS GmbH will commence operations under the new name of Foconis Payment GmbH during the first half of 2024.

Experienced management quartet anticipates business success from maximizing competitive edge

Christian Fink will be CEO of the new Foconis GmbH, while Olaf Pulwey has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Peter Kretzmann, from the management team at pdv FS GmbH, will take up the position of CTO in Foconis GmbH. The fourth member of the quartet is Florian Festner, formerly Finance Director at IDL (insightsoftware Deutschland), who will serve as CFO: CEO Christian Fink explains, “Customers will see immediate benefits from our integrated perspective on processes in the finance industry. Despite the ever-more complex market environment in which we operate, our team and our expertise will enable us to continue along our successful path and even extend our reach beyond national borders.”

Traditions, added values, synergies

The down-to-earth thinking that is the hallmark of Mittelstand enterprises will continue to define Foconis GmbH in the future. The company has unswervingly committed to retaining its partners’  long-established locations with more than 350 jobs, and Herzogenrath, Hamburg, Vilshofen an der Donau and Landau in der Pfalz will stay part of Foconis GmbH. This move means that all stakeholders in the new partnership actively demonstrate their allegiance to customer focus, agile processes and fast, direct decision-making. Foconis is further synonymous with reliability, availability, security and certainty. CCO Olaf Pulwey, responsible for sales/marketing and PR, affirms,

“From our very first meetings, we were very clear that the process would have to be meticulously organized to prevent any disruption to our customers’ own business. The organizational changes will go virtually unnoticed.” For example, customers’ familiar representatives in key accounts, service, support and consulting will all continue in place.

Bespoke product portfolio, streamlined selection and purchase processes

Foconis GmbH now offers an integrated and highly specialized portfolio of products and services. For customers, this consolidated expertise and combined offering, which covers a range of sectors in the financial industry, delivers benefits in areas such as selection and purchasing. In addition, introduction of new software can simplify and accelerate processes that are otherwise long drawn-out and complicated due to regulatory requirements.

Press Contact


Olaf Pulwey

Foconis GmbH

Im Straßer Feld 3

52134 Herzogenrath

Email: presse@foconis.de

Esmée Knijff

Main Capital Partners B.V.

Paleisstraat 6

62514 JA Den Haag

Email: esmeek@main.nl

Foconis GmbH

Established in 2023, Foconis GmbH unites van den Berg FS GmbH, FOCONIS AG, GenoData EDV-Systeme GmbH and pdv Financial Software GmbH in a key software partnership for financial institutions in Europe, primarily the DACH region. The company’s operations focus on its partners’ software-as-a-service solutions: DECIDE, FOCONIS-ZAK®, GDix and vdb/PPM. The proven expert systems supplied by Foconis GmbH support a variety of highly specialized operating areas for financial institutions. The company focuses on payment transactions, data analysis and data combination, process efficiency, business intelligence and compliance management. https://group.foconis.de

FOCONIS AG (from May 2024: Foconis Analytics GmbH)

FOCONIS AG (from which the new GmbH takes its name) was founded in 2000. Currently employing 108 people, it supplies data quality, control and compliance software for the financial industry. Its FOCONIS-ZAK® process control system supports financial institutions in automated digital compliance with regulatory requirements and in data and process monitoring. Erich Baumgartner, previously Member of the Management Board of FOCONIS AG, will take over as Business Unit Manager for FOCONIS-ZAK® in the future. https://www.foconis.de

2023 saw the acquisition of GenoData EDV-Systeme GmbH (from the start of 2024: Foconis Analytics GmbH) via the joint holding company Foconis Holding GmbH. Founded in 1992, the medium-sized IT service company for the cooperative banking and financial sector has 45 employees and develops bespoke solutions for its customers. Its data and process management and business intelligence products are based on a modular design to maximize flexibility. Customers benefit particularly from its proven modular Gdix system for data hosting, networking and interpretation. Bernd Frese, Managing Director GenoData, is the new Business Unit Manager for the Gdix portfolio. https://www.genodata.de/

About pdv Financial Software GmbH (from start of 2024: Foconis Trading GmbH)

pdv Financial Software GmbH is a leading German provider of software solutions for capital markets, supplying end-to-end solutions for banks, brokers and stock exchanges along the entire investment process chain.

The company’s DECIDE solution, developed under Business Unit Manager Matthias Löffler, covers all main asset classes and financial instruments for both institutional and retail trading. Founded in 1991, pdv is headquartered in Hamburg and has over 80 employees. Drawing on over 30 years of experience and prowess in financial markets, pdv provides its customers with comprehensive expertise, able to map even the most complex requirements in the software for efficient implementation. https://pdv-fs.de/de/

About van den Berg FS GmbH (during the first half of 2024: Foconis Payment GmbH)

van den Berg FS GmbH can point to 37 years of experience as an innovative partner for intelligent payment transaction solutions. Powered by the combined expertise of its 110 employees in the fields of SEPA, instant payment, individual payments and SWIFT and EBICS connectivity, van den Berg has a well-established reputation on the market as a payment transaction specialist. The company’s vdb/PPM software solution provides banks and companies with the benefits of a 360° system for efficient processing of payment transactions and related operations, proven in practice hundreds of times. Using its unique Payments-as-a-Service model, business partners operate the software as software-as-a-service based at van den Berg’s own certified computer centre – no need for companies’ own server infrastructure or admin staff. https://www.vdb.de/

About Main Capital Partners GmbH

Main Capital is a leading strategic software investor operating in the Benelux countries, DACH region and Scandinavia. Looking back on almost 20 years of experience in supporting software companies, Main is a strategic partner working hand in hand with the management teams at its portfolio companies to generate sustainable growth and establish outstanding software groups. Main has 60 employees at locations in The Hague, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Antwerp and Boston/USA. Main had over EUR 2.2 billion under management as of October 2021 and has invested in over 150 software companies to date, thus generating around 9,000 jobs. https://main.nl/de/

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Company news, recent activities and plans for our products and services

pdv Financial Software is now Foconis Trading GmbH

Four proven industry experts are now joining forces and pooling their expertise as Foconis GmbH.

The new enterprise will be the parent company for the four financial services specialists, offering solutions and support in the fields of payment, trading, compliance management, business intelligence and analytics. Their clients throughout Germany and beyond will benefit from this central point of contact for scalable solutions in key financial processes. Enterprise software specialist Main Capital Partners will draw on its wealth of experience to provide advisory services to the new company.

Staying competitive !!!

A way forward by utilizing „as a Service“-Models & Solutions on demand

Innovation arises often from needs and crisis. The development of innovative products, the digital transformation of middle and back-office operations, and the continuous enhancement and adjustment of systems and processes present challenges. However, they also offer opportunities for growth and advancement for businesses now and in the future.

pdv Financial Software is strengthening its Management

We are pleased to announce that through an organizational and personal strengthening we are very well positioned to position our company pdv Financial Software internationally in Europe and to significantly increase our market share.

pdv Financial Software is extending and strengthening its competitive positioning in Europe by partnering with salesXp in Austria

salesXp is a well-established, known company in the financial market in Austria and eastern Europe.

Many years of expertise and know-how in financial market environments, solutions and processes enable successful Project Mgmt of complex implementations of solutions into the existing system and process environments of financial institutions.

Innovative and evolving capital market application architecture

Innovation step by step – implement services and modules seamless into your existing system environment and processes exactly tailored to your needs and available resources, while still staying focused on business targets and strategic goals.

Financial markets are currently undergoing rapid changes, experiencing dynamics and volatility not seen in many decades. Triggered by geopolitical changes, wars, and market dislocations, financial clients’ behaviour and demand are in constant flux.

Main strengthens position in the banking software market with the acquisition of pdv and van den Berg

Main Capital Partners (“Main”) announces the platform acquisition of pdv Financial Software GmbH (pdv), a German market leader in capital markets software. pdv and Main also announce the acquisition of the van den Berg GmbH and van den Berg Service AG, a leading provider of payment processing solutions in Germany who is also expanding to the DACH region and other European countries. The collaboration of the two companies marks a milestone in building a sizable group in the banking software market. Together with the management of both pdv and van den Berg, Main will support the group with their growth plans and with a selective buy-and-build strategy.

Digital Hub – Holistic solutions enabling a flexible and agile capital market architecture – utilizing change as chance

Today’s global landscape influenced by war, pandemic, Inflation, and geopolitical changes, among other factors, is creating increasingly rapid change in markets and higher volatility, and spurring changing customer behavior and demands. The shifting dynamics of capital markets have resulted in fertile ground for innovation in financial products, customer segments, online channels and services. Meanwhile disruptive technologies create an opportunity for companies to react with speed and agility to changing customer demands.