Digital Transformation according to your needs

Whether it's an on-premise enterprise or a Platform-as-a-Service solution, DECIDE is the engine of your digital transformation, meeting all the requirements you need to stay ahead of the competition today and tomorrow.

DECIDE Risk: Recognizing and controlling risks

DECIDE provides powerful and active risk management that will help you sustain your success. At any time you do have an overview of risks and risk drivers in aggregated form throughout the company in real time as well as actively monitor and control your exposure.

Best in Case: Expertise and Innovation

pdv Financial Software GmbH accounts and stands for comprehensive know-how and expertise in financial markets. Optimize your existing solutions, processes/workflows in the capital market area through utilizing new and modern technologies (Blockchain, DLT, AI, etc.) and standardized solutions exact as you need it to your requirements and business goals.

Bank, broker and exchange

DECIDE by pdv Financial Software is one of the leading platforms for the end-to-end investment value chain in capital markets. Innovative and scalable, the integrative platform for the digital transformation of your company.

The Modern End-to-End Software Platform for the Capital Market

Promote sustainable growth, minimize company-wide exposure,
basis for the digital transformation

In the current global economic climate, markets turn at a rapid pace, new regulatory requirements constantly arise, and companies have to react swiftly and in a focused manner. Changes in client behavior and the urgency of the digital transformation in all areas and processes increases complexity in conception, planning, and implementation of the actions / measures needed in capital markets.

DECIDE supports banks, brokers and stock exchanges as a standard software platform. Through its flexible architecture, modularity, and scalability, the entire trade life cycle in retail as well as institutional securities trading is covered from end-to-end.

DECIDE enables standardized solutions and the harmonization of processes that best fit your requirements and business objectives.

DECIDE is a product of pdv Financial Software GmbH. The company is a byword for best-in-case expertise, solutions development and consistent utilization of new technologies. pdv Financial Software GmbH comes with comprehensive technical know-how, over 1500 years of combined experience in financial markets assists you in maintaining and expanding the competitiveness of your range of products and solutions in the market as well as focuses on business expansion.

With DECIDE you'll succeed in financial markets and stay ahead of the competition

All-in-One e2e Standard Solution

  • Multi-client solution capable for complete and/or partial implementation
  • Easy integration into existing system and process environments
  • Standardized solution, configurable to your requirements

Optimized Process Flows

  • For all business segments and corporate units
  • Significantly reduce operating costs through end-to-end straight-through processing

Regulations and Compliance

  • Implement given regulative / compliance requirements on-time and within budget both today and tomorrow
  • Complete coverage for MiFID I & II, Basel II & III, BCBS 239, FRTB, Germany Minimum Requirements for MaRisk (BAIT), etc.

Design Innovative Banking Processes

  • Optimize time-to-market
  • Meaningfully utilization of innovative concepts and technologies (Distributed Ledger, Blockchain, and AI)

Digital Transformation

  • Requirement-based focus and flexible implementation
  • Rapid customization of systems and processes according to customer and market requirements
  • Comprehensive, easily configurable and scalable software platform and module library

Risk Minimization

  • Through performance, scalability and high availability
  • Low-latency solution for real-time transactions (MIFID II Best-Ex)
  • Company-wide risk and position management

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Optimize your system landscape and process flows for sustainable market success with DECIDE

Standards with high flexibility

The DECIDE standard software platform is based on a modern, powerful based open architecture and offers a wide range of use cases. With DECIDE, you can

  • Respond quickly and effectively to market incidences, conditions, and regulations,
  • Actively and flexibly adapt, design and develop solutions and required processes,
  • Secure competitive advantages immediately.

Versatile modules and interfaces

DECIDE is a multi-client capable solutions platform that supports the digital transformation in your company with a wide range of modules and interfaces. With DECIDE, you can

  • Create a complete end-to-end solution that easily integrates DECIDE as a whole and/or individual functional areas into an existing system and process landscape,
  • Immediately respond to changes in customer behavior and market requirements,
  • Provide new services and products in a timely manner.

Getting the future off the ground

With DECIDE, you can win and secure customers with a high-quality product and service offering that is up-to-date and can take future requirements into account today.

  • Minimize company-wide exposures through DECIDE's integrated risk management solution for optimized capital allocation and investment planning.
  • Create new structured products easily and quickly as well as launch these in a short time-to-market.
  • Provide solutions for other market and business areas in a focused manner, and impress your customers with new operating models and services. Benefit from DECIDE's modern and open architecture, its various existing modules and interfaces, access to different markets, data management as well as its Web Service Library.

With our standardized technology and solution platform DECIDE as a basis, we want to be the common solution platform and driver for the required digital transformation in all business areas of our customers. Concepts, such as Capital Market-as-a-Service are not scenarios belonging to the distant future, but are already existing as best-in-case solutions for the financial industry.

Dr. Reinhard Wienke
Managing Director, pdv Financial Software GmbH

The End-to-End Platform for Securities Trading

Flexible, individual, tailored to customer needs

DECIDE covers the trade life cycle in capital markets for retail and professional securities trading completely. It covers transaction capturing via trading desktops or interfaces to existing solutions, through order and risk management up to portfolio management and financial accounting. With DECIDE you can simulate stress scenarios throughout the company and calculate credit, market and liquidity risks in line with Basel II & III as well as include them directly in decision-making processes. Everything comes from a single source or solution and enables the optimization of your trading solutions and processes for securities trading. This supports your positioning in the increasingly fierce competition at the top.

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Use Cases/Application Scenarios

Flexible, individual, requirement based

DECIDE's powerful and modular architecture provides the ideal foundation for designing solutions for other business areas within the finance industry and successfully implementing them with a short time-to-market. The product line was supplemented within this framework by DECIDE Exchange. It is a powerful, comprehensive exchange platform, that supports different market models as plug-ins. A data distribution module is part of this solution and enables the distribution of market data to connected providers and financial institutions. The solution is currently being used successfully at a stock exchange in Germany.

DECIDE supports the outsourcing of operations, functionality, and processes as a utility provider with the Platform-as-a-Service concept. This is an important building block in the digital transformation in terms of cost reduction through resource sharing, scalability and flexible availability of solutions. The simple integration of the modules or the entire platform in existing company-side systems and processes is essential for success. With DECIDE, you can cover not only functional parts of the entire value chain, but also the associated process flows. Step-by-step partial and/or complete integration into your existing business processes and system environments enables you to benefit from the advantages that result from optimization and automation within your system and process landscape.

We support you in your digital transformation and/or renewal of the existing system and process environment via the possibilities for flexible integration of DECIDE according to your requirements and implementation needs.

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Blockchain technology plays a central role in the medium and long term in the development of new strategies and business models as the securities process chain is being digitalized.

As part of a proof of concept, pdv Financial Software GmbH, along with its sister company Ponton, has developed a peer-to-peer OTC trading platform for energy cash contracts based on Blockchain technology and the DECIDE technology stack. This has been tested since 2017 and is currently being transitioned to active operation. The project is called "Enerchain". There are currently about 40 participants from the European energy sector with their trading departments on this platform.

Based on developed concepts and innovative technologies, analog OTC trading platforms can be implemented quickly for other financial instruments. Possibly other asset classes, such as OTC trading of bonds/bond portfolios, the process chains of the promissory note market, as well as for the trading of derivative OTC contracts could follow.

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