DECIDE – The Complete Solution for the Investment Process
in Capital Markets

Enlarge product range, expand business segments, raise activity and presence internationally

DECIDE is a product line that has been developed using state-of-the-art technology and maps the investment process in capital markets across all asset classes end-to-end.
DECIDE provides all of the core modules – Order/Execution Management, Position Management, Risk Management, Decision Support, Clearing/Settlement, Accounting – and supports you with the entire value chain for retail and professional trading with comprehensive/extensive functionality.

With DECIDE, you can easily expand your business (segments) and product offerings. There is no need to invest in a multitude of new systems and related infrastructure, furthermore DECIDE enables you to utilize existent solutions and integrate required new solution components within your exiting business processes and infrastructure. DECIDE is the ideal platform for the step-by-step phased, demand and resource-oriented approach and implementation resulting of digital transformation as well as for system and process optimization in financial institutions.

Substantial Benefits for Your Company

  • End-to-end coverage of the trade lifecycle
    Comprehensive end-to-end functionality for the capital investment and securities trading process
  • Complies with regulatory requirements
    MiFID II (Best Execution, target market, etc.), Basel II & III etc., are and will continue to be covered in the future
  • Multi-client capability and scalability
    A solution for multiple legal entities and companies within and outside of the group
  • Use as an enterprise solution (on site) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
    Easy, on-demand integration into existing system infrastructure and process flows
  • Flexible, powerful architecture
    Enables use in various and new business segments, e.g., stock exchange platforms or as an energy trading platform based on blockchain technology
  • Homogenization/Optimization of the system and process landscape
    Standardized solution for company-wide risk and order management in real time

Straight-Through Processing e2e Supports Your Success

Versatile solutions, tailored optimal to your needs


DECIDE covers the entire value chain in securities trading. You can use the software either as a comprehensive solution or opt to implement only partial processes with individual modules, that you easily integrate into your existing systems and process environments; e.g., risk, position and order management.

Against this backdrop, you can tailor your solutions and range of service offerings specifically to market and customer requirements and immediately provide relevant products to the market.

DECIDE is suitable for many user groups. Traders in the retail or professional segment at banks and brokers use the platform, as do portfolio managers, market risk managers, private wealth managers, investment advisers, analysts, and institutional fund managers.

Front Office

Order entry via the trading desktop (thin client), HTML 5 Trader Cockpit and also via API directly from existing customer trading systems and/or web brokerage solutions

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Decision Support

Tools for trading/asset management to optimize positions, taking into account market developments and risk limits

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MiFID II-compliant Order and Execution Management for retail and professional trading across all asset classes and connects customer systems with all stock exchange platforms and established order routing network ECNs.

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Position Management

A flexible alignment on a trading room's trading books and business processes, including real-time simulation and analysis of traders positions.

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Risk Management

Accurate tracking of credit and market price limits as well as clear identification of risks and risk drivers throughout the various business areas and company.

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Clearing & Settlement/Accounting

DECIDE has an efficient and powerful real-time settlement processing chain for structured products and is Target2S-compliant.

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DECIDE – Scope of the product universe

Powerful connected worldwide

DECIDE provides access to over 40 international markets for your trading and order management systems. The most important European exchanges are accessed via direct interfaces (FIX, Fast FIX, SWIFT, etc.). A powerful link to leading order routing networks (ECNs such as Instinet, SGN, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg) connects you to other major trading platforms and venues.

With DECIDE, you have the entire range of listed financial instruments covered. The product universe ranges from traditional equities, funds, various types of interest rate products and interest rate derivatives to innovative, structured securities (interest rate cash instruments, interest rate derivatives such as swaps, swaptions, caps, floors, collars, swap notes) and structured products.

Additional Modules and Tools

How to get more out of DECIDE

With this module, you and your customers can easily define, trade, and value complex structured financial products based on building blocks in a simple, generic way. Structures can be arbitrarily defined from standardized individual cash flow indices or from cash flow baskets of various indices across all types of securities. In addition, you can add options and knock-in/knock-out conditions in various forms. With the generic pricing engine, you can evaluate the instruments using a variety of proven and novel mathematical models.

DECIDE's modules and functionality can also be accessed via the HTML 5-browser based solution of pdv Financial Software (Trading Cockpit) or via proprietary solutions, that already exist or are planned/in the process of development. The connection can be established via WebSockets and/or a REST API.

DECIDE has been in use in all its forms for many years at renowned financial institutions. Its modern, scalable and flexible architecture enables you to optimize system and process environments and the associated more-efficient cost structures according to your requirements.

Peter Heister
Business Development Manager, PDV Financial Software GmbH

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