DECIDE Decision Support

Evaluate on the basis of current and future market factors

DECIDE provides powerful functions for use in trading, particularly of derivatives, which can structure portfolios.
A dedicated function for cash/ETD portfolios allows optimal position management in line with defined market assessments and risk limits. In this way, challenging and complex market conditions and hidden opportunities can be optimally exploited.

Versatile tools for the entire decision-making process

  • Position simulations
    The DECIDE Simulation Tool allows the impact of simulated market movements, risk limits, and transactions on the value of a position to be calculated as a reliable basis for decisions concerning portfolio structure.
  • Optimized cash/exchange traded derivatives (ETD) positions*
    DECIDE optimizes ETD positions for your predefined market expectations and risk limits, based on a host of possible combinations of ETD contracts including standard strategies. DECIDE determines optimized ETD positions for your cash portfolios, e.g. for hedges and risk and opportunity profile adjustments.
  • Sets of simulation scenarios
    For simulations to be informative, they must be based on carefully considered market scenarios. DECIDE enables sets of representative market scenarios to be defined and saved, then applied to positions to generate reliable predictions of their risk and opportunity profiles.
  • Market expectations and risk limits*
    The optimization process is controlled by market expectations (expected frequency distributions) and risk limits. Both input variables are entered and aligned in a simple procedure with graphic support.


*Modules available on request

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