DECIDE Decision Support

Evaluate on the basis of current market- and risk factors

DECIDE provides trading, particularly of derivatives (derivatives trading), with powerful functions for structuring positions that accurately reflect market assessments and trading risk limits. In difficult and complex market conditions, hidden opportunities can, in this way, be optimally exploited.

Versatile Tools for the entire decision-making process

  • Optimal Position Management
    DECIDE provides traders a set of decision support tools that essentially enable them to control the structure of their position by making presettings of market assessments and setting risk limits.
  • End-to-End Position Management
    The decision support functions can be used in all phases of position management. From setting up new positions to adjusting them and liquidating them.
  • Risk specifications in real time
    The optimal combination of instruments (derivatives and/or cash) best suited to the market assessment and risk allocation at each point in time is determined in real time and the results are visualized directly in 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Holistic Position & Transaction Management
    These functions provide support and advice to traders from the initialization to the execution of their transactions.

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