DECIDE Front Office

Investment decisions in time, holistic market and company overview

With DECIDE, you are not just making trading decisions. You can access market data throughout your company, view research information, news, proprietary data, and histories as well as utilize analysis and simulation options. These are based on a selection of mathematical libraries and calculated data, e.g., yields and correlations, risk information, limits, and positions. Decisions can be made within microseconds based on available real-time market data or data which is calculated internally and adjusted.

User friendly and versatile

  • Order entry and management via API
    Trading and order management systems as well as online trading solutions can feed their order data via interfaces (e.g., FIX, Fast FIX, SWIFT, etc.). The exchange of the required order and risk management data from DECIDE also takes place of and into these systems.
  • Trading Desks / Order Capture
    DECIDE has a customizable front office function for order entry and import. This is done via intelligent workstations based on thin client and/or HTML5 technology.

Efficient and individualized trading desk

The Trading & Execution Workbench (Cockpit) supports both exchange-traded and over-the-counter investment classes, providing easy and quick access to the efficient and straightforward presentation of order entry, positions, order and trade status requests, what-if simulations for market scenarios and position changes.

The Workbench offers a large number of trader-friendly, configurable windows that control the trading process and provide focused information where you need it. Traders can easily and quickly customize personal preferences and requirements for sharing and designing the display, features, and content.

You can monitor and check intra-day P & L and risk reports at both the aggregated and individual trading book levels, as well as limit utilizations with DECIDE's Supervisor Position Monitoring functions.

Market Views & Order Management

  • Real-time market views for market segments and the selection of individual instruments as well as special views for option series and futures, time/sales overviews, etc.
  • The order and trade entry includes, e.g., the pre-trade check against customer profiles, limits and cash accounts, the assignment to an order book, stops, trailing stops, limit orders etc.
  • In real time, you manage all order books for client trading, client advisors and customers in a fully integrated manner via all routing channels (exchanges, brokers, other intermediaries).
  • Order windows can be pre-populated via individual traders' rules of the merchant and support all associated markets' order types. The order history is also accessible from all order windows.

Integrated Position Management, Valuation, Simulation, and Analysis

  • Trading books and positions can be defined across divisions or company-wide in a tree structure and represented over all investment classes.
  • For the position valuation, comprehensive math libraries are available, including for all standard bonds and derivatives, models such as, e.g., finite difference pricing and Monte Carlo.
  • There is also a wide range of mathematical valuation models available for analysis and simulation of positions according to observation periods that can be selected arbitrarily. For example, these include the simulation of trades and market movements of national indices, and benchmark yield curves and spreads.

Make solid investment decisions and maintain an overview and control at all times

  • Customizable trading desks
    Provide traders with a customizable trading and execution workbench with a feature-rich, intuitive environment and key data needed for market and company information.
  • Flexibly configurable in real time
    Extend your product range for retail customers with a real-time trading environment that can be customized to the requirements of various diverse retail market segments.
  • MIFID-II Best Execution static & dynamic
    Provide customers with order routing and execution management that offers a high level of compliance with Best Ex/MIFID II requirements.
  • An easy connection to new trading platforms
    Easily extend connectivity to every market or trading platform with full FIX compliance

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