DECIDE Order & Execution Management (OMS/EMS)

Optimum order flow management, process efficiency,
high performance, full MiFID II compliance

Market environments and economic conditions are changing ever more rapidly and regulatory requirements are increasing in all areas.

For order and execution management, this brings enormous challenges for the respective platforms.

Be on the safe side and cover all requirements with DECIDE OMS/EMS.

  • DECIDE OMS/EMS – streamlined platform for all order flow types and sources
  • High-performance architecture with full redundancy for high reliability
  • High efficiency and performance in order processing
  • Smart order routing policies
  • Easily adaptable for industry changes and easy to integrate into existing processes
  • Up to date with all regulations incl. MiFID II
  • Web services for integration into your digital strategies

DECIDE OMS/EMS is a software solution supplying a modular order and execution management platform with highly automated process chain as standard.

  • DECIDE brings your institution’s order flows from ownaccount and customer trading together on an efficient platform – institutional flows (high touch, DMA), retail flows (wealth management, branch and online trading)
  • Optimized order execution via Best-X, Smart OR, agency algos
  • Connectivity to EU and global exchanges/trading platforms via exchange-specific and/or FIX interfaces and routing networks (ECNs), e.g. Autex, Bloomberg, Instinet, SGN, etc.
  • Supports a broad range of financial instruments in many asset classes: equity, fixed income, and FX cash instruments, ETDs, certificates, warrants, funds
  • Trade on platforms with quote-driven (OTC) processes (e.g. gettex, Quotrix)
  • Multi-client capable – functions as OMS/EMS hub for institution groups

Efficiency and high performance with the help of a company-wide order, execution, and brokerage platform

Central company-wide order & execution platform

DECIDE OMS/EMS is multi-client capable and supports aggregation of order flows from own companies as well as from external or third-party institutions (retail & institutional, exchanges, OTC executions) in a single system.

Smart, customizable front office functions

Order entry and import are done on smart workstations based on thin client and/or HTML5 technology for professional trader front ends, and inter- faces (e.g. FIX, FIX/Fast, SWIFT) for trading/order routing systems.

Efficiency and automation in individual processes

Using automated rule-based management, DECIDE aligns precisely to existing transaction processes and systems, e.g. order validation based on customer and market conditions, order type per-missibility at execution venues, exception handling for managing manually processed flows, etc.

Innovative modules for advanced brokerage services

Flexible parametric custo-mization and complementary modules from DECIDE OMS/EMS enable you to secure and expand your competitive edge on the market against your competitors.

Minimize your order risks

Keep your status and positions in view in realtime with order flow monitoring and order risk management, exception handling, and realtime tracking of client and customer order volumes.

Expand digital strategies

Use DECIDE OMS/EMS to add attractive future facing digital services to your offering, like OMS/EMS realtime data and web services for online and mobile applications.

The OMS/EMS Cycle

High throughput for orders and transactions

DECIDE maps all processes in the OMS/EMS cycle, from order entry to post-trade services with the transfer of relevant data to risk management and clearing/settlement.

For order execution, regional as well as international market places are accessible. Access to other major trading platforms is provided via the leading order-routing networks (ECNs – Instinet, SGN, LSE Group/Refinitiv, Bloomberg, etc.) using a high-performance connection.

Further key benefits of OMS/EMS

  • Flexible trading options
    Give your customers a broad range of order types to enable precise execution management. In addition to basic types such as single- and multileg orders, combination, care orders as well as limit orders from order variants specific to the trading platform, e.g. stops, trailings, OCO, Iceberg, and individual variants for specific trading phases.
  • Cost efficiency based on standard software
    Optimize your costs by using DECIDE’s standard software module. Modern order and execution processes are standardized across the industry. Use of centrally managed standard software cuts your change-the-bank and run-the-bank costs.
  • Conformity to regulations
    DECIDE OMS/EMS helps you comply with regulatory requirements. DECIDE includes a suite of modules for compliance with MiFID II standards, flexibly parameterizable market conformity checks, and processes safeguarded by the four-eye principle. Audit trails enable times and details of changes to data in the system to be tracked at all times.
  • Proven architecture
    OMS/EMS platforms are mission-critical systems for financial service providers. DECIDE is based on proven technology, delivering high performance and operational security, thanks to in-memory persistence technology. The hardware offers full redundancy at a minimum of two locations to ensure robust and secure operation and is fully scalable.

End-to-end process support

In pre-trade processing, order data are validated and information which is necessary for further processing at internal or exchange level is added. Validation is performed against DECIDE master data or, via an interface, against the institution’s external (host) data.

  • Customer-specific formal and dispositive testing

    (incl. instrument types, target markets, trading parameters, deposit release, product suitability/permissibility, units, customer limits, buying power)
  • Market-based testing

    (tradability, trading hours, note, market practice)
  • Amount orders

  • Enrichments

    (short codes, LEI)
  • Market abuse testing, more

Best execution policies can be customized in conformity with MiFID II,. executed and monitored including logging. The platform’s best execution functions benefit the institution and its customers. DECIDE OMS/EMS offers three best execution technologies:

  • Static routing policies in line with MiFID II

    Rule-controlled selection of execution venue in line with MiFID weighted criteria.
  • Dynamic policies/smart order routing

    Selection of markets at runtime based on realtime aggregated exchange order books. Execution on multiple markets based on liquidity.
  • Algorithmic control

    Execution using own and integrated standard algorithms, e.g. VWAP, TWAP, TVOL, or broker-algorithms on “n” markets.

Routing to the selected market is likewise rule-based using predefined routing paths, redundant if required.

Efficient trade processing in post-trade is ensured by features including the following functions:

  • Trade statements

    Generation of statements including transaction taxes, ready for sending and booking
  • Transaction confirmations

    Generation and sending of trade confirmations from a choice of media (e.g. mail)
  • Generation of bookings

    Generation of cash and unit booking data (-sets) for customer’s downstream ledgers/connected to DECIDE securities subledger
  • Clearing and settlement/deposit bank interfaces

    Transfer of trade and settlement data to processing organizations
  • Market conformity testing

    Parameterizable transaction price testing including tamper-proof log
  • Regulatory reporting

    Art. 26 Transaction Reporting and MiFID Post-trade transparency

DECIDE Front Office Automation

The Front Office Automation Module supplements OMS/EMS for specialized applications in automated trading. It provides the DECIDE Algo Engine with powerful function sets, enabling you to maximize process efficiency and reduce low latency periods in trading processes.


  • Agency Trading

    DECIDE supports algorithm-based order execution in distributed markets by means of widespread market algorithms including VWAP, TWAP, and TVOL
  • Prop Trading

    Successful own-account trading today largely depends on customized trading strategies, translated into algorithms for automatic execution. DECIDE provides a framework for development, testing and use of integrated and broker algorithms in applications such as program trading (quote time series), position management via auto hedging, index arbitrage, and basket trading.
  • Workflow management from the trading desk

    The framework hones efficiency by automating standard workflows like rebooking, allocations, deliveries, executions, and allocation to order books.

Front office automation in DECIDE supports simple and complex strategies up to multi-market and multiasset class trading.


Key add-on functions

  • Trader front end

    Window ensemble/group for managing and monitoring algo jobs
  • Algo engine

    Direct execution and monitoring of algo jobs by n-instanced execution engines.
  • Job monitors

    Monitoring units for continuous monitoring of compliance with algo jobs’ restriction limits (e.g. Satus, Emergency Stop …)
  • Algo strategy toolbox – full algo lifecycle support

    Organizes algo life cycles. Framework for algo development, testing and test exchange, including multi-instance-capable toolbox.
  • Interfaces – Event Streams

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