DECIDE Order & Execution Management (OMS/EMS)

Comprehensive functionality, high performance, full MiFID II compliance

Market environments and economic conditions change ever more rapidly and regulatory requirements are increasing in all areas. For order and execution management, this brings enormous challenges for the respective platforms.

In this regard, you are on the save side with DECIDE OMS/EMS, while reliably ensuring efficient operation in this segment. For exchange listed securities, traded OTC, DECIDE fully complies with MiFID II requirements and stands out through comprehensive functionality, extraordinary performance, and easy integration into existing processing environments.

DECIDE OMS/EMS is the hub for your company's order and transaction flows and optionally, third-party institutions. The system acts as an intermediary for all order and transaction data between your internal world and the electronic exchanges and trading venues.

  • With DECIDE OMS/EMS your trading and order management systems have access to more than 40 international markets.
  • You also gain access to other major trading platforms via established order routing networks (ECNs).
  • DECIDE OMS/EMS allows or enables you to successfully establish your products and services in new markets as well as expand your business segments. All regulatory requirements from MiFID II (Best Ex), Basel II & III, etc. are met in full.
  • DECIDE OMS/EMS is the ideal solution for financial services firms looking to expand their product range and business segments internationally without having to massively invest in systems and infrastructure.

The legally-compliant, comprehensive, and efficient order management solution

Company-wide Order-Management and Execution Solution

Multi-client capable DECIDE OMS/EMS supports the merging of order flows for your own company as well as external or third party institutions (retail & institutional, stock exchanges, OTC executions) in one system. Oder out of one platform.

Intelligent, individual front office functions

Order entry and import is done via intelligent workstations based on thin client and/or HTML 5 technology and for trading/order management systems as well as online brockerage solutions via interfaces (e.g., FIX, Fast FIX, SWIFT, etc.).

Adaptation to individual company processes

Using rule-based management, DECIDE aligns exactly to existing transaction processes and systems, e.g., order validation based on customer and market conditions, order type - permissibility at execution venues, exception handling for managing flows to be processed manually, etc.

Innovative modules for expanded/advanced brokerage services

With flexible, parametric customization and complementary modules from DECIDE OMS/EMS, you can secure and build a competitive edge in the market against your competitors.


Minimize your order risks

Always maintain an overview of your situation and positions in real time through order flow monitoring and order risk management, exception handling as well as real-time tracking of client and customer order volumes.

Expansion of digital strategies

Extend your offerings with attractive and promising digital services such as OMS/EMS real-time data and services for online and mobile applications.

The OMS/EMS Cycle

High Throughput for Orders and Transactions

DECIDE maps all processes in the OMS/EMS cycle, from order entry to post-trade services with the transfer of relevant data to risk management and clearing/settlement.
All common exchange listed equity and interest rate instruments are supported, in each case as spot instruments as well as derivatives, funds, warrants, certificates, and other securitized structured products.

More than 40 international marketplaces are accessed for order execution. Access to other major trading platforms is provided via the leading order-routing networks (ECNs – Instinet, SGN, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.) using a high performance connection. Parallel processing of the order data stream in DECIDE OMS/EMS ensures high throughputs for orders and transactions with very low latency times.

End-to-End Process Support

With DECIDE OMS/EMS, validations against an institution's host databases or a (shadow) DECIDE database can be made via service calls. These include general and customer-specific formal reviews (mandatory field classes, target markets, trading parameters, deposit release, product suitability/permissibility, etc.), custom dispositive checks (portfolio, depository, liquid funds, aggregate collateral, order size limits, etc.), with regard to market abuse, etc.

Best Execution Policies can be configured, executed, and monitored in a customer-specific manner in compliance with MiFID II, including logging with Audit Trail. You can choose between static and dynamic routing policies depending on market, customer, and legal requirements. With static policies, order execution is based on defined criteria sets in accordance with MiFID Best Ex policies (price including fees, speed/probability of execution and settlement, institution-specific criteria, etc.).

With dynamic routing policies (Smart Order Routing) based on MiFID II criteria, market selection based on real-time aggregated order books of the N-eligible execution platforms can be made. For example, routing to the most favorably-priced market, as well as consideration of execution platform fees, intermediaries, liquidators, and spraying as an option (i.e., the split of orders across multiple marketplaces, etc.)

The system ensures compliance with Client Order Handling rules. Upon request, it also provides transaction data for publication via API for Post Trade Transparency. In addition, business confirmations such as the generation of confirmations from trade and billing data or the transmission of electronic confirmations and/or document-related confirmations (fax/mail) can be provided. Data can be provided according to single transactions or aggregated via settlement instructions (SSI) and forwarded to a depository bank or CSD for execution.

DECIDE OMS/EMS supports reporting and archiving as well as the generation of regulatory reports in accordance with article 26 MiFIR and MiFID II Post Trade Transparency requirements. It also supports block level workflow integration with the trade matching systems DTCC Oasy and DTCC CTM.

Automated Trading (Algo Trading)

With DECIDE OMS/EMS, you automate trading, e.g., for mass orders, with algorithms, which are calculated in real time (in memory or persistent). These include the relevant market data, positions, risk parameters, volatility, yield curves, and valuation models for financial asset classes.

The direct integration of the high-frequency trading solution into DECIDE's order management guarantees lower latency in comparison with external systems. If particularly large order volumes are to be distributed in the market, the cross-trading automatic tracking function of DECIDE comes into play (e.g., VWAP, TWAP), which can also be used over several consecutive days with retroactive activation.

Algo trading in DECIDE supports simple and complex strategies up to multi-market and multi-asset class trading. The solution can be used to automate execution orders or more complex strategies such as market making, auto hedging, arbitrage, pair trading, and many more.

Versatile execution and control features include a proprietary algorithmic development environment, a test environment for back-testing strategies with historical or generated time series of market prices, order execution/monitoring directly from the trading frontend (Status, Emergency Stop), access to all data available/generated in DECIDE (e.g. orders, positions, reference and market data), support of agency trading algorithms such as VWAP, TWAP, TVOL.

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