DECIDE Position Management

Integrate Real-Time Positions across all instrument types and asset classes

DECIDE's Position Management can be flexibly aligned to the specific organization of a trading room's trading books and business processes. Real-time positions are integrated and displayed across all instrument types and asset classes in a clear tree structure. In addition to the standard position overviews in real time for trading management, continuously-aggregated profit & loss overviews of individual or combined trading books of the monitored trading rooms are also made available.

Holistic Position Management in Real-Time

  • Real-Time overview of information from portfolios and trading workplaces
    Organization of trading books into any number of aggregation levels within a clear tree structure. It can be flexibly used to differentiate between proprietary and agency trading, asset management, profit and risk centers, as well as trading stations.
  • Real-Time Position Updates and Valuation
    Valuation based on current and/or theoretical prices, which are based on extensive mathematics libraries, from in-house price feeds, or, short term, of Defined Mathematics by DECIDE.
  • Real-Time Position Management
    Position processing in real time and comprehensive management of broker/customer positions across all instrumenst and asset classes.
  • Current, comprehensive overview and management
    Up-to-date, detailed overview of a team's entire positions enables the focused initiation of necessary actions at an early stage.

Always Up-to-Date, Thanks to Company-Wide and Active Position Management

In addition to the functions mentioned above, DECIDE offers many additional features that efficiently support trade and risk management. These include the simulation and analysis of positions, real-time supervisor screens with aggregated profit & loss data and supervisor reporting integrated into a powerful "trader workbench". In addition, Position Management can be customized at any time to the respective trading processes, and the specific organization and hierarchy of the trading book.

With DECIDE's Position Management, traders can

  • Choose between single and collective overviews of multiple trading books
  • Compile a view of position details and subtotals from reviews, profit & loss, risks, Greeks, fees, and more from over 200 columns.
  • Quickly switch between pre-filled trading screens with order entries
  • View open positions, limits, profit/loss (realized/unrealized) across products and services, independent of the IT source system for trading

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