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Clearly identify risk and risk drivers, systematically manage vertical and horizontal risk aggregations, aggregate exposures and monitor them in real-time: success in the active trading environment increasingly depends on how comprehensive and forward-looking you can design your risk management - and this is where the solution and the IT architecture that is used plays an increasingly important role.

Being prepared for the current and new challenges of the market and constantly-increasing regulations as well as being able to respond actively is essential for comprehensive and integrated risk management. The following requirements are the basis for sustainable success.

  • Is it possible to achieve maximum flexibility and performance within the given IT architectures and structures, as today's risk-relevant processes require?
  • Can risk management applications be easily integrated into existing system and process environments?
  • Can the risk management application be scaled and parameterized so that each use case can be mapped with the appropriate methodological complexity.

The DECIDE RISK end-to-end system solution gives you one answer to all your questions - an unrestricted "yes". DECIDE RISK is a multi-client-capable, powerful and multi-purpose risk management software platform.


The Key Characteristics


The foundation for your long-term success and positioning in the market is an active and company-wide risk management in real time which enables you to minimize exposure and to optimize investments.


A prompt response to the demands of the market and new regulations is enabled by the flexible adaptable and extensible modular architecture of DECIDE, which integrates seamlessly with your existing system and process structures.



With DECIDE RISK, you are optimally prepared for the challenges of digitalization in a market environment in which the wheel of innovation in products, processes, and technologies is turning ever more rapidly. Basel III, MiFID II, BCBS 239, and FRTB requirements have all been implemented and are constantly updated as needed.

Master Complex Challenges

Wide range of functions and seamless integration into existing structures

How can efficiency in the use of equity capital be increased? How can the costs of refinancing be reduced through risk-adjusted capital allocation? How is the prompt implementation of Basel III, MiFID II, BCBS 239, FRTB, and SREP requirements best achieved?

The answers to all these questions are the basis, which contribute significantly to the success of risk management.

Against this background , concepts such as individual data processing (IDP) and fragmented "IT island solutions" no longer have a future. Required are end-to-end, flexible, adaptable, and extensible modular software systems that are up-to-date in meeting requirements and set benchmarks in terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Benefits of DECIDE RISK

  • Keep track of limits
    With the help of pre-deal checks and real-time limit monitoring, you can always ensure that set limits are adhered to reliably.
  • Discover risks faster
    Comprehensive Limit Violation Management immediately shows risk concentrations and human errors.
  • Appropriately setting priorities
    With DECIDE RISK, you can flexibly control limit utilization in favor of pending transactions and automatically generate limits for risk controlling with intraday limit monitoring.
  • Adopt regulations rapidly
    Legal frameworks resulting from MiFID II, FRTB, etc. are kept current and integrated in the system.

Everything Important is Always in View

Detailed Analyses, Assessments and Reports

DECIDE RISK's particular strength is its presentation of analyses and assessments. When triggered by a certain event, automated reports can be generated with just a few clicks and sent directly to the relevant parties via e-mail or SMS.

Drilldowns of exposures across the entire portfolio hierarchy according to instrument- or cash flow-specific criteria ensure maximum transparency in risk representation. Risks from external systems can be imported via standardized interfaces and integrated into the complete overview. The complete historization of results and market data documents the exact chronological sequence of the risk utilization and creates transparency in the analysis of limit overruns.

The flexible parameterization concept is another important feature of DECIDE RISK.

Against this backdrop, you can compare settings for evaluation, risk management and quote prices for different user groups and standardize them if necessary. Access security is ensured by DECIDE RISK at various levels. Through the Granular Rights Management access right and responsibility can be assigned to users individually as required.

DECIDE RISK is powerful software which is part of Trade Lifecycle Management and is available either as an enterprise solution or as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

Credit Risk

DECIDE RISK's modular building block system minimizes the effort needed to compile risk aggregations and limits. Exposures from various sources can be recorded and aggregated using different accounting approaches.

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Market Risk

Along with counterparty risks, market risks in the trading and banking book play a key role in performance optimization and investment decisions in financial markets. Since the last financial crisis, they have increasingly been a focus of regulatory minimum requirements.

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