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For over 25 years we have assisted companies in integrating DECIDE into their system architectures and processes in capital markets for trading, risk management, and settlement systems. During this period, we have successfully implemented DECIDE as projects into existing system and process environments within the time and budget constraints of large banks, brokers, and exchanges. We have extensive expertise and knowledge of current systems and processes in capital markets and are very familiar with the traded financial products and customary market nuances. We further do have a comprehensive overview of the regulatory requirements for capital markets as well as specific trading and settlement processes.

pdv Financial Software puts a lot of emphasis on new, innovative technologies (e.g., Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence) and, where appropriate, uses them to maximum advantage in solutions for our customers. The expertise that has been developed over the years and our constantly growing know-how is something we are happy to share with you in all areas.

Our Services

Constant new and expanded regulatory requirements as well as the global economy require companies to respond rapidly with actions to flexibly adapt their system environments, solutions, and processes. The digital transformation and changes in customer behavior increase complexity in the design, planning, and implementation of the necessary actions, developments and processes for capital markets.

  • As a result of the most recent financial market crisis, and within the regulatory framework (MiFID II, Basel II, BAIT, etc.), there have been numerous changes in evaluation in risk and order management (e.g., Best Execution, FRTB). We provide you with comprehensive know-how and advice on what the resulting requirements are with regards to the digital transformation and how you can efficiently and purposefully handle the corresponding challenges in the renewal of system/process environments.
  • We support you in introducing new methods and the associated change management to adapt your solutions and processes.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience in capital markets and innovative new technologies, our solutions are always up-to-date. Our strong culture of collaboration and close communication ensures that our expert teams work hand-in-hand with those of the client to ensure project success.

High-quality, responsible project management is an essential service of pdv Financial Software. It includes the integration of the entire DECIDE product line as well as the integration of partial products into existing system and process environments within your company. We provide active and efficient support for digitalizing and optimizing your systems and processes.

  • Our project teams are on-site with you from the beginning to capture all necessary information and requests, ensuring the smoothest possible integration into your system and process environments.
  • Your individual requirements define the scope of our services, which we offer and provide for you as part of the DECIDE product integration project.
  • We provide highly skilled and qualified project managers to you, who will take full or partial responsibility in correspondence with your demands and focus for DECIDE integration projects.
  • We integrate seamlessly into your project team and provide specific services according to your requirements. When we take on responsibility for individual activities, we can also support you as sub-project management.
  • We can support the following project management methods: Waterfall, Agile to Scrum, and Kanban

The individual phases in project management can be defined according to requirements and can include following tasks:

Project Planning/Evaluation

  • Definition of the desired project size (scope and time), the required quality and estimation of the necessary budgets and resources (project and follow-up costs).
  • High level and detailed project planning
  • Setup of the necessary work requirements for the integration of DECIDE (workplaces, system access, etc.)
  • Support for setting up the project kickoff

Project Implementation

  • Coordination of the project team (staffing, assignment of tasks and equipment, monitoring of deadlines/milestones, control of budget, etc.)
  • Produce and request documentation (specifications, test reports, status reports, etc.)
  • Quality control of project progress and results, monitoring and minimization of critical project risks
  • Identification of deviations of planned tasks, budget, etc. and the introduction of control measures and related actions
  • Change Management

Project Completion

  • In-time preparation of the line transfer (training and, if applicable, familiarization)
  • Management and preparation of operational handover
  • Support during the initial phase after going live
  • Project review & findings as well as finalization of the documentation

We support our customers in daily operations through our Support Department in Hamburg:

  • We answer your inquiries regarding the operation and functionality of DECIDE and/or forward them to our technical departments if required.
  • If problems occur, we fully handle the error analysis and initiate appropriate actions for troubleshooting.
  • We coordinate and manage the delivery of new product versions to customers.
  • If desired, we can take over operating control of DECIDE solutions on behalf of our customers. This includes installation of the solution and the monitoring of system operation.

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