A Step Ahead of the Competition with the DECIDE Software Platform

Market-proven and new technologies, multi-client capable and scalable, integrated as required by your demand

DECIDE is based on a powerful, open service-oriented architecture (SOA) as well as market-proven technologies and industry standards. Scalability, performance, reliability and low latency are the key criteria for our design decisions - even as transaction volumes grow and data loads increase.

The DECIDE platform is multi-client capable and can be operated fully redundant and hot standby in clusters distributed across multiple sites. If necessary, further components can be added at any time during live operation. DECIDE achieves extremely high operational reliability and availability for the entire system.
DECIDE supports several distributions of the Linux operating system as well as Sun Solaris (also in mixed operation). Oracle, Informix, and DB2 databases can be selected for the database environment. Low-cost Linux platforms enables you to achieve an attractive operating cost level when using entry-level servers in the hardware cluster.

DECIDE has standard interfaces to more than 40 electronic markets and exchanges, and further trading venues are available via established international ECNs. It supports standard interfaces and protocols such as FIX, FAST FIX, and SWIFT.

System Integration into Existing System and Processing Environments

Seamless data exchange, direct connections to electronic exchanges and trading platforms

DECIDE is easy to integrate into the process environment of financial institutions. Order, transaction, inventory, and reporting data can be exchanged using a choice of standardized APIs, DECIDE's proprietary protocols, or by programming to the native APIs. Additional data such as reference and master data can also be created and maintained via import interfaces or using realted application screens.
Standard system interfaces are available for connections to electronic exchanges and trading platforms, to routing networks and market data feeds.

At the semantic level, the DECIDE's functionality can be configured and parameterized, to seamlessly integrate into subsequent business processes. The various modules and functions in DECIDE receive data from and deliver data to corresponding order routing and order management applications, external order validation, clearing and settlement, and much more.

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