Capital Market as a Service

DECIDE Hybrid as a complete or tailored solution

With the DECIDE product family, Foconis Trading GmbH provides financial services companies such as banks, brokers, and stock exchanges a standard software platform for the implementation of highly-integrated and efficient financial market processes according to their needs and with various solutions.

  • Enterprise (on-site) provision/deployment within the company
  • Complete ASP/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Tailored/partial solutions & an overall solution from a combination of both (hybrid solutions concept)

The platform and its associated services provide financial services companies with a highly-integrated and powerful standard solution for the entire capital investment and securities trading process with comprehensive e2e functionality.

With DECIDE SaaS, financial institutions can focus on their core competencies, their key business priorities as well as on the digital transformation and their digital strategies.

The multi-client capability of the base platform enables a consistent, standardized e2e solution for multiple legal entities and companies, both inside and outside the group, with various different solution requirements.

DECIDE SaaS: Your Advantages

  • Powerful solution for the complete trade lifecycle
    Standardized system and process environment for the entire trade life cycle according to your needs and optimized load distribution through dynamic distribution of services throughout the platform.
  • Cost advantages of SaaS
    Substantial cost benefits resulting of the Software-as-a-Service solution through focused requirement oriented integration into existing system environments and process flows.
  • Company-wide standard solution
    Shared use of trading and risk management platforms company-wide as a complete or integrated partial solution within the SaaS concept.
  • Minimization of Operational Risk
    Reduction of operational risk through high service levels for mission-critical applications and compliance with MiFID II, Basel II & III, and BAIT regulatory requirements.
  • High availability
    High availability through redundancy and highly-efficient failover concepts at the platform and service level.
  • Reduction of complexity
    Reduce complexity in system and process flows in the organization by easily customizing and deploying compatible services.

DECIDE SaaS: The e2e solution for capital markets, configurable according to your requirements

Flexible and individual, based on a standard platform

DECIDE supports the outsourcing of operations, functionality, and processes as a utility provider within the Software-as-a-Service concept. This is an important component in the digital transformation in terms of cost reduction via resource sharing, scalability and flexible-adaptable solutions.

The simple integration of modules or if required the entire platform into existing enterprise systems and processes is essential for success. With DECIDE, you can not only cover functional parts of the entire value chain, but also the associated process flows. Step-by-step partial and/or total integration into your existing business processes and system environments enables you to benefit even at an early stage from the advantages that result of optimization and automation within your system and process landscape.

With DECIDE, you will master the challenges of the market, regulatory requirements and digitalization both quickly and within budget:
  • Margin- and cost pressure (CIR-optimized from today >0.6–0.8€ for 1€ in revenue towards <0.4€ in future)
  • Optimization of processes and infrastructure for improved TCO and CIR
  • Implementation of regulatory requirements

DECIDE supports you to take advantage of and extend your benefits in cooperation with service partners:

  • Cost reduction and an improvement in efficiency through the use of SaaS offerings. Outsourcing of functions and services; e.g., securities trading with e2e order entry management, execution up to settlement and company-wide risk and position management in accordance with your needs.
  • Short time to Market for product launches with customized configuration options
  • Optimal investment opportunities through company-wide risk and exposure management in real time
  • Prompt compliance with regulatory requirements today and tomorrow, as well as regulatory reporting
  • Digital Platform: Omnipresence, data management (Know Your Customer) and online services offerings

With DECIDE, you can focus on your strengths:

  • Customized concepts for customer care and communication (omnipresence, online services, adapted branch concept)
  • Focusing on the customer through individual product offerings, transaction execution, and timely information.
  • Flexible adaptation of business models to meet new, more complex customer requirements
  • Gaining new customers and increasing sales to existing ones through omnipresence with various online solutions and cost-effective execution.

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